Pichu is a cute and small Electric-Type Pokemon that first appeared in the Pokemon Shames Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The only way to get one is to breed two Raichu or Pikachu. Pichu tends to hurt itself when using any electric power. When it evolves into Raichu its electric power is perfected. However, a new stupid factor called Happiness made it IMPOSSIBLE to get a Raichu in the games, meaning you had to trade from Red and Blue with a stupid time machine that ruins all of your game data and forces you to constanly encounter MissingNo. Pichu is very powerful, meaning it can use Volt Tackle which is the strongest (NOT!) Electric-Type Move. You only get it if you breed two evolved forms. It can't breed on its own, because its literally just a big baby(It's only four inches shorter than its evolved form). Pichu is very rare. Two Pichu Appear in the anime known as the Pichu Bros. where at the end they get killed by Ash's Pikachu when they meet him. Houndour have been known to hate all Pichu.

History: Before there was Pichu, there were original Pikachu.Original Pikachu evolve into Pikablu , even though they don't look different from normal Pikachu. But in 1798, Professer Tree Name made a new type of Pikachu, that evolved into Raichu. An unintended side effect was that Professer Tree Name's "proto-Pikachu", the first Pokemon that evolved into Raichu, turned into Pikachu's pre-evolution. After that, original Pikachu became rare and more     powerful, until they became known as Pokegods, but they were still the most commom Pokegod.