Mashtup Ketchup (since he hates the name Ash), in contrast to his "good" twin, is a genius (he has an IQ of 177) who is a Pokephile (One that loves or has a strong affinity for catching Pokemon). His Pokemon are way better than Ash Ketchum's. Contrary to popular belief, his Pikablu hates ketchup but loves mustard. Yeah, he has an original Pikachu, a Pikausu, and not a jerky one who doesn't want to evolve like Ash Ketchum's. Also, he has gotten far more badges and far more Pokemon than Ash has ever obtained, because he has a million Pokeballs. =

In the gamesEdit

The only way to defeat him in a Pokemon Battle in the games is to slap him in the face with a Magikarp, which will cause him to fall to the ground unconscious. He will then try to defeat you until he defeats you. The only way to make him stop (without losing) is to have a Magikarp in a Poke Ball. But once the Magikarp evolves, he won't be afraid unless the Gyrados knows Dragon Tail and can slap him in the face.

In Let's Ketchup to Fame!Edit

He has a TV show called "Let's Ketchup to Fame!" Unlike Ash Ketchum, he wasn't late to getting his Pokemon. In fact, he was so early that he was able to steal all of the starter Pokemon. After that, he went on adventures that were much cooler than Ash's Idiotic Adventures or Ash's Other Adventures even though "Let's Ketchup to Fame!" sounds really idiotic. He won many more battles than Ash, made many more enemies than Ash, and travels with much better friends (Brock Konne or Pikao). He has caught every single Pokemon ever to date and he's made clones of the legendaries and the rare ones. Also, he loses his fear of Magikarp in The Third Episode.

In a short Edit

He appeared in The Klaw of the Dish Krab! He was caught by Mr. Krabs, but he managed to escape by blasting him with an extremely strong Hydro Pump by Pikao, his Pikausu.